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Lab tested for mycotoxins & heavy metals



Average Reviews

Single estate regenerative farms

Lab tested for mycotoxins & heavy metals



Average Reviews

Single estate regenerative farms

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Introducing Melk Organic

We're delighted to now offer Melk, our certified organic coffee roasted by specialists trained by world-class master Scott Rao

Why regenerative organic coffee?

Supports Health

Produces cleaner, tastier coffee that has a positive impact on health & vitality 

Increases Biodiversity

Enriches soils and supports a diverse, complex and self-sustaining ecology

Replenishes Aquifers

Increases organic matter in the soil to better absorb rains and replenish aquifers

Helps Farmers

Improves life for farmers through larger yields and greater independence

Conventional coffee is one of the world's most heavily sprayed crops – the toxic chemicals destroy biodiversity, degrade the soil, and negatively impact human health

Our regenerative organic coffee goes beyond sustainability – it rehabilitates entire ecosystems, boost the soil's natural fertility and... produces great tasting coffee

It's a clean, holistic approach to farming that eliminates the need for herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers

Feel good about the coffee you drink – with Biodynamic Coffee you're choosing better health & vitality!

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Great tasting!

I, like many people drink tons of coffee daily. I started buying organic coffee beans and then heard that not all organic coffee is pesticide free. The last thing we want is harmful chemicals in our bodies. Through some research I found Biodynamic Coffee. The shipment arrived quickly and the coffee tastes amazing! The aroma…..after grinding the coffee beans is heavenly! I recommend you order Biodynamic Coffee asap!

Brandon L.

What a way to start the day!

What a difference from the "regular" coffees out there and getting quality roast to start the day. A bonus is having the peace of mind I am drinking a clean, healthy coffee without the worry of mold or toxins to play a role into my day and gut health.

Caitlin H.

I’m addicted to this coffee!

I love how great this tastes as a pure espresso shot. It’s smooth and not bitter. Knowing I’m drinking healthy coffee and can add this to a latte or mocha for the best organic coffee everyday is a game changer. I’m all about health and pure ingredients. Knowing I’m drinking coffee that’s tested for purity… doesn’t contain herbicides, pesticides, fungicides & chemical fertilizers is refreshing.

Randy F.


Love this coffee! My wife doesn't get an upset stomach anymore, we're grateful of how healthy and tasty this coffee is knowing we aren't putting and mold or toxins in our body. We don't buy coffee out anymore. We look forward to starting our day off making our own coffee and lattes.

Danny S.

Non toxic coffee at a reasonable price!

Searched far and wide for coffee that isn’t full of toxins and also doesn’t taste horrible, without it costing a fortune. This coffee met the mark! Who knew there could be companies that want to produce good coffee that’s good for the land and for the people!

Kelli H.

As mentioned In

"The best way to get clean, pure coffee is to focus on brands that offer specialty coffee beans"


"Through their commitment to holistic and regenerative practices, they are working to redefine the way we enjoy coffee while minimizing the impact on our planet, one cup at a time."


"If you are looking for a clean cup of coffee, you need to check out Biodynamic Coffee. They are next level when it comes to quality - from the coffee beans, to regenerative farming practices and their third party testing."

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