Why should I choose Biodynamic Coffee?

1) Self Sufficient & Regenerative Farming

Biodynamic farming takes a holistic approach and considers the entire ecosystem including the interconnectedness of soil fertility and the health of plants, animals and people.

Approaching agriculture as a self-contained, balanced and holistic ecosystem has many benefits. Working with natural systems allows farmers to produce their own seeds, fertilizers and feeds. Eliminating the need for external agrochemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides allows farmers to take control of their farms and earn a better, healthier living.

2) Ecology of our Planet

Biodynamic farming methods go beyond sustainability. They are regenerative to the ecosystem’s natural fertility because they increase the amount of organic material in the soil and improve its microbiology.

This not only improves the soil’s ability to absorb moisture, it prevents soil erosion and the leaching of chemicals and fertilizers into waterways and the ocean.

3) Direct Trade 

We source our coffee beans using direct trade exclusively from family-run estates and cooperatives that are certified Biodynamic by Demeter.

Our mission is not only to bring the best tasting, highest quality, clean coffee to market, it’s also about developing strong, mutually supportive relationships with the coffee growers.

4) A Better Cup of Coffee

Products that are certified biodynamic by Demeter are not only free from pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilizers, they are also free from the natural chemicals that are allowed in organic certifications that may, nevertheless, have a detrimental impact on human health.

With biodynamically grown food, the health of the plants improves because they are being well-nourished from the soil. We believe that eating plants full of nutrition provides a benefit to human health and that the result when it comes to coffee is a better tasting cup!

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