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Currently, we do not offer a decaffeinated blend, though we have plans in the future to introduce a decaffeinated option, so stay tuned! However, our partner company, Melk Cafe does provide a 100% Organic, EcoCertified decaf option.

You can find it here!

To be classified as Specialty, a coffee must achieve a score of 80 or above by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America) or by a licensed Q-grader who inspects the coffee for defects and assigns scores to each of the coffee’s attributes, such the acidity, body, flavour and aroma . 

Specialty coffee represents a small fraction of the world production and our Biodynamic Coffee qualifies as Excellent with scores typically ranging between 85 and 87.

We ship directly from our coffee roasting facility and transit times will vary depending on the destination, weather and other conditions. 

Nationwide delivery usually takes between 2-7 days. You'll receive a tracking number for you to stay updated with the delivery.

It's now super-easy to access your subscription portal with just your email address. You can skip, re-schedule, delay, edit quantities & delivery frequencies, update shipping & billing information or simply cancel your subscription at any time. 

Yes. Biodynamic Coffee plants are integrated into natural forest environments and are surrounded by many other types of trees and plants. Sometimes referred to as agroforestry, these trees not only provide shade but also celebrate the diversity of plant and animal life that is part of a natural, healthy & resilient ecosystem. 

Of course! Our bags are 100% recyclable, including the degassing valve and resealable zipper!

Coffee shops, grocers, retailers and other organizations that purchase a minimum order quantity (MOQ) will get wholesale pricing and free shipping in the USA and Canada.

To apply for a wholesale account, see here!

Yes! We include the roast date on each bag and guarantee that all coffee is shipped within one week of the roast date.

We roast on Probat, Probatone coffee roasters that are custom-spec'd by Scott Rao.

We work with traditional as well as online retailers such as Primal Pastures. Please see our Retailers section for a complete list of our partners.

Many of you have asked:
What is the difference between biodynamic and conventional coffee?


Lower Quality

Typically a blend of older harvest coffees that may include lower quality robusta beans

May contain toxins

Not lab tested for mold or other toxins that can negatively impact health

Destroys the environment

One of the most heavily sprayed crops. The heavy use of chemicals pollutes soil & water

Loss of Biodiversity

Mono crop that degrades ecosystem resilience & the diversity of life


Higher Quality

Specialty grade, single origin arabica coffee beans from the most recent harvest - great taste!

Mold & Toxin Free

3rd party tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals & biological contaminants

Rebuilds the environement

Regeneratively grown without pesticides, fungicides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers

Promotes Biodiversity

Promotes biodiversity and a healthy soil microbiome through the use of natural compost

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