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Designed for use with the Origami drippers and most other conical drippers, the Origami Paper Filters are produced by CAFEC with their air-dried 'two-side crepe' papermaking method to yield a speedy and stable flow while maintaining a high degree of clarity with their fine mesh texture.

Pack of 100 oxygen-bleached filters.

Available in 2 Cup and 4 Cup formats.


Product Details


Produced by CAFEC, these fine mesh paper filters contain 'crepe' texturing on both sides to promote a quick and stable flow of water/coffee while maintaining a sediment free, high clarity drinking experience.


Virgin cotton pulp.

Made in Japan


Designed by and for the most demanding baristas, Origami develops products in pursuit of ultimate functionality with playful and colourful designs that elegantly marry form and function in perfect harmony. Valuing quality, tradition and ease of use, Origami creates uniquely delightful coffee experiences.

How to Use


As with any paper filter, ensure that you rinse through with boiling water first to remove any remaining paper taste.

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