Regenerative Agriculture: Solution to improve the natural environment?

Regenerative Agriculture: a Solution to our Global Crisis?

“Changing Paradigms” explores the power of regenerative agriculture in improving the natural environment, human health, and the lives of farmers. We, as humans, have an innate attraction to the natural world. But, the way we currently interact with the environment is unsustainable and causing a disconnect with nature. Let's take action together and change the paradigm. 

“Our job is to get out of the way of mother nature.”

Charles Massy

About Charles Massy

Charles Massy is an Australian author, farmer, and speaker, best known for his book "Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture, A New Earth." He is a proponent of regenerative agriculture, which is a holistic approach to farming that aims to improve the health of the soil and ecosystem, increase biodiversity, and reduce the use of synthetic inputs. He is also a advocate of Holistic Management, a framework that helps farmers and ranchers make holistic decisions and manage their land, water, wildlife, and livestock..


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