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From award-winning designer Simon Stevens, the Loveramics Dripper is available in one of three embossment patterns, each of which has been developed to help promote and regulate varying flow rates:

  • Strong (slow) - White filter
  • Smooth (medium) - Green filter
  • Mellow (fast) - Blue filter

Visually captivating and empowering further control and experimentation with your coffee brewing, the Loveramics Dripper is a beautiful addition to any pour-over ritual.


Product Details


Varying embossment patterns are designed to promote and regulate the flow rate of your brews: Strong (slow), Smooth (medium), and Mellow (fast).

Fits 4-Cup size 60-degree cone-shaped (Hario V60-02, Kinto 4-Cup, Origami 4-Cup) paper filters.


Porcelain dripper; stainless steel stand with silicone edge.


ø4.5" x H3.15" x ø1.1" outlet | ø115mm x H80mm x ø28mm outlet

Designed by Simon Stevens in the United Kingdom

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