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Rise & Shine


This Demeter Certified Biodynamic Coffee is perfect for espressos, lates & cappuccinos as well as French press, and full-bodied pour-overs.  With Biodynamic Coffee you can be sure that you are getting coffee that is grown in healthy soil that is full of natural fertility.  External inputs such as pesticides and chemical fertilizers are never used and Holistic Roasters’ handling & shipping processes protect the coffee from any external contaminations.

The box and inner bag (including the valve) from Elevate Packaging are 100% compostable.

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7 reviews for Rise & Shine

  1. Sandra Guilford

    I love this coffee. I brew a french press of it almost every morning.

  2. Sam

    My wife and I are picky coffee drinkers, and it’s difficult to find a roast we both like. This blend was an instant favorite for both of us! It is bold without being bitter, rich, earthy, and complex. I am a proud supporter of biodynamic agriculture, and I am very happy to know that, in addition to tasting great, this coffee is biodynamically grown on family farms. I’ll be back for more!

  3. cynthianmendoza (verified owner)

    Excellent coffee! I’ve had both Rubicon and Rise and Shine. A very clean cup! I highly recommend.

  4. Charlotte Wayman

    I love the quality of the coffee, but taste profile was lacking somewhere, it kind of grew on me after awhile but I just might be accustomed to a stronger roast, I will give the darker a try.

  5. Kelli Syed (verified owner)

    i expected a fresher roasted smell when i opened the package , i do appreciate how clean it is but i do need the smells and taste to also be there!

    • Holistic Roasters (verified owner)

      Hi Kelli!

      Thanks for your feedback, we truly appreciate hearing form everyone. We always roast-to-order so it doesn’t get much fresher 😉 We tend to roast a bit lighter than some companies so that can affect how the aromas develop. The good news is that we are launching a French Roast this year – it might be worth trying!

  6. Lauren (verified owner)

    Hands down THE best coffee I have ever had. It’s so good hot or cold. It’s crisp and light. It’s also really nice because it does not give me jitters or make me feel weird or crash. I will definitely be purchasing this one again!

  7. Anna (verified owner)

    This is our favorite coffee ever! My husband makes the most amazing lattes – we are very picky then we came across a different biodynamic coffee which eventually led us to this one…and WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

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