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  • Why mess with a classic, right? Smoky, bitter chocolate, low acidity but most importantly: comforting. This dark roast is a great choice for automatic coffee makers and espresso. French Roast is a great source of phenylindanes, a set of compounds that protect the brain from neurodegenerative conditions. This coffee is ...

    French Roast

  • This Demeter Certified Biodynamic Coffee is perfect for espressos, lates & cappuccinos as well as french press, and full-bodied pour-overs.  With Biodynamic Coffee you can be sure that you are getting coffee that is grown in healthy soil that is full of natural fertility.  External inputs such as pesticides and ...

    Rise & Shine

  • This lighter roast is a great way to kickstart your day with a fresh, clean cup of coffee – perfect for a pour-over or as a tasty espresso when you’re ready to focus your mind & body. This coffee is certified Biodynamic by Demeter so you can be confident that ...