Great coffee comes from healthy soil ™

No Compromise Coffee 


By carefully considering everything we do – from selecting the highest quality coffee, grown using regenerative farming practices, to our 100% compostable packaging and meticulously developed roast profiles – our Biodynamic Coffee is the cleanest & tastiest coffee you can buy.

Beyond Organic


Our Biodynamic Coffee is grown without the use of herbicides, fungicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers. And, unlike organic farming, which makes exemptions for the use of certain broad-spectrum natural pesticides such as rotenone, ryania and sabadilla (which kill pollinators), there are no exemptions for their use in Biodynamic farming.

In addition, we’ve completed an end-to-end certification process with Demeter USA that covers the sourcing, shipping, warehousing and roasting of all the coffees we offer.

With Holistic Roasters you can be confident that you are always getting delicious, contaminant-free coffee.

Green America has awarded Demeter Biodynamic certification 5 out of 5 stars! 

Demeter is the only “Environmental Concerns Labels” that achieved this level of recognition. It confirms that the standards honestly
reflect the best possible environmental, animal welfare, and human welfare practices.

Healthy Soil 


Biodynamic farming works, in part, by improving the soil’s natural fertility. By supporting the soil’s microbiology, the beneficial organisms provide the coffee plants all the nutrients they need, when they need them.

But, did you know that we are hard-wired in our DNA to assess nutritional value through flavor?  The compounds that correlate with flavor also correlate with nutritional value.  That’s why coffee that has been grown in healthy soil tastes so great!

Forward Thinking


One of the aims of Biodynamic farming is to improve the natural environment by putting more into the land than we take out of it. In this way, Biodynamic agriculture goes beyond sustainability – it’s regenerative to the earth’s ecosystems and enhances its biodiversity. It’s a self-contained and self-sustaining approach to farming.

The vitality it generates helps protect coffee plants from the stresses of climate change and extreme weather.

In addition, Biodynamic farming helps eliminate soil erosion and the run-off that pollutes our waterways. By allowing the soil to better absorb water it also replenishes underground aquifers.



In a world where it’s difficult to know what is real and whom you can trust, we believe it’s important to be fully transparent. One way we do this is through traceability.

On every box of coffee we sell there is a QR code that links to the story of the people that produce the coffee. It also details specific information such as:

  • Country & Region of Origin
  • Harvest Year & Season
  • Varietals
  • Roast Information
  • Certificates



We believe that fair trade is best captured through one-on-one relationships based on respect and mutual support.

We develop our relationships with producers through origin visits and in solidarity with women entrepreneurs, family-run farms and cooperatives.

We also pay coffee producers a price (about twice what Fair Trade requires) that allows farmers to invest in and protect the ecology & biodiversity of their land, and so that they can focus on producing the very best coffees in the world.