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Rise & Shine

    Rise & Shine

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      Perfect for your morning cup of joe. Rich, balanced, bold and… straight to the point! This Medium Roast is great for espresso, french press, and when you want a tasty cup of sustained energy.

      10.6 oz | 300g Whole Bean | 100% Compostable Packaging

      No Compromise Coffee 

      • Specialty grade Biodynamic coffee 
      • Single origin regenerative farms
      • Lab tested for mold and heavy metals  

      Brew Guide

      Pour Over | Coffee Maker | French Press | Siphon

      Use freshly roasted and just-ground coffee
      1.6-2g coffee / 1 oz H2O, adjusting to taste
      Brew with 195-205ºF H2O (91-96ºC)

      Use ~1:2 ratio – example: 18g of finely ground coffee  for a 36g shot of espresso