Demeter Certified Biodynamic®

Country of Origin

Espirito Santo, Brazil: In 2008, Camocim received its Demeter certification, which identifies biodynamic products worldwide. The Biodynamic method guarantees that the cultivation of the product respected all the rules of soil fertility, of the plants, of the seeds and their fertilization was done in harmony with the animals and the environment in general. 


Camocim has its own laboratory and tests the green, roasted and ground coffee to guarantee and control coffee quality. Meters measure the sweetness, roast and other elements in order to ensure the purity and flavor of the coffee that reaches the public.

In 2017, Henrique Leivas Sloper de Araujo won the Brazil Naturals competition in the Cup of Excellence with a lot from Fazenda Camocim that was awarded a cupping score of 93.6.


Red Catucai, Yellow Bourbon and Iapar 59

Roast information

Roasted in Berkeley, California using one of the following: Loring s35 Kestrel, Loring s15 Falcon or Probat Probatone 5

Quote from Henrique Sloper of Camocim

“Once you understand what biodynamic means, it doesn’t make much sense not to be Biodynamic if you are already organic. It’s not all that much more expensive and it improves things across the board – the health of the plants, the quality of the fruit, the nutritional value, the final cup…Besides, everything we do on my farm has always been based on the idea of sustainability and preservation of the environment. I learnt this from my grandfather.”

Before the idea of conservation existed in Brazil, Henrique Sloper was already practising it – he has probably planted ten million trees in his lifetime!